The Complacent Man!

The Complacent Man!


Once there was a wise leader,

He said things that were humble and nice,

In the elections he won fair and square,

Promising everyone equal parts sugar and spice,


‘Capitalism is evil’ he had preached,

Bellowing curses on the economy he said was unequal,

He brought in licenses and stifled businesses,

Claimed a better future in the upcoming sequel,


The state soon reared its head with fury,

The size now umpteen times bigger,

It took charge of internet, telecom, steel and iron,

Big corporates now worth a mere snigger,


Socialism was the answer to our problems he said,

And paid everyone the same,

No matter if you are the CEO or the sweeper,

Rewards never matched your frame,


He claimed to have delivered on his promise,

And for a while everything was all hunky dory,

But after sometime the results poured in,

They did not seem to justify all the glory,


His well-oiled public companies relented,

They had become lazy and stoic,

Managers had stopped working,

Their prize was no more heroic,


A minor hiccup, he agreed,

Ignoring the possibility of a calamity,

Continuing to paint a pretty picture,

He asked the society to maintain amity,


But then things got worse,

And the state went into heavy debt,

The leader began to ponder change,

But his earlier promises made him fret,


He had overestimated virtues of equality,

And began to rethink it all,

Fearing hostility from the now powerful unions,

He started with changes that were quiet and small,


He cut back a little on welfare,

And raised the managers’ salary a tad,

We can’t celebrate mediocrity he thought,

And attempted to make performance the new fad,


He tried to keep up with the global advances,

But for that he needed money and free minds,

So he tried to lure foreign wealth,

Hoping to remove innovation from its blinds,


He opened technology to the private companies,

Taking immense flak from his masses,

But he knew that was the right thing to do,

Even though that might create classes,


Slowly but surely, his country caught up,

Leaving some richer than the rest,

Those who performed survived,

And those who didn’t failed the test,


Ten years passed,

And elections came about again,

The leader checked up on his rivals,

One caught his fancy, speaking about great pain,


‘Inequality is rife’ he had claimed,

Blaming the leader for the present quagmire,

‘I will bring about a classless society’ he had chimed

In his voice the leader noticed a familiar fire,


The leader smiled at the situation,

As heard the now ludicrous droll,

He wanted to teach the young leader of life,

But let circumstances play that envious role,


As people turned against him,

He saw the young lad now assume his throne,

He saw taxes increase and the state become powerful,

He shook his head and let out a little groan,


He had ignored the biggest peril of the society,

The peril of the complacent man,

A classless society cannot exist,

Try what you can!