Copper vessels cups of tin

Droplets of rain on my  skin

Thought forms and many worlds arrive

This is Bragi *woman’s life

Giants exchange speech so dreary

In Freya’s lap I sleep so weary

Oh rose under this tree I grew

Suckling on the morning dew

When Munin’s feather gently strikes

Guarded by the northern pikes

And Hugin whispers in my ear

I do not fickle do not fear

A kinship of love and spells so old

Hold me and protect me bold

I close my eyes and in my dreams

Things happen faster than it seems

Norse warriors from nowhere

And warrior maidens with a spear

Travel like a mysterious fleet

From my head to my bare feet

And every word and every thought

That Bragi woman ever thought

Yfir eda gjilla *child

Listen to the forrest wild

Pegja Pegja* do not speak

Raven’s word comes from his beak


Written by: Anja Jaenicke, Nov. 13.2016

*Norse Goddess of Goddess

*Above and below

*Silent, silent