There are two membership qualifications for PGS candidates. You must score at or above the 99.5 percentile on any of the tests listed below (some of the scores have been adjusted based on psychometric norms; GRE and SAT Verbal Sections).

In addition, your poetry must, at some point in the past, have been published for public consumption. This would include anything from a newspaper to a book of poems to a high school poetry magazine.

Applying for membership in Poetic Genius Society is easy. Please follow these steps carefully:

1. Send an e-mail to our membership manager. Include verification of your scores and published poetry.

2. Upon approval, introduce yourself to the group. Include some of your poetry.

3. That’s it.

Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale 141 IQ
Wechsler Intelligence Scale (any form) 139 IQ
ACT 30
GRE Verbal 95th%-ile
SAT Reading or English 97th%-ile
Miller Analogies Test 75 RAW
LSAT (June 1991 – present) 174
Test For Genius 99.5%-ile
Cerebrals Cognitive Abilities Tests 99.5%-ile
G – Test 99.5%-ile

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