The womb of the words could not give birth to this longing,
Let me caress your shadow now that I’m missing you.
Shades of blue devour my heart as I awake this morning
Now that you are gone, I am left alone, missing you.
I hate those giant curtains covering the windows;
It makes me want to wipe the tears with it, missing you.
The cold coffee, the cold bread, the cold butter,
I ask that you remain for a second because I’m missing you.
I could not discover another word for grief, my darling,
The syntax of time calls for a hiatus, missing you.
The chirping clock forgets its duty today, only today,
I wander into the kingdom of dreams, missing you.
Sorrow penetrates into my left ventricle for so long,
Piercing my caged heart into its coldness, missing you.
My flowers forget to remind me to water them,
Staring the whole day into the ceiling, missing you.
This Mojave desert thirst could be quenched by your presence;
Be an oasis with me as soon as possible now that I’m missing you.
Pain drives me mad I begin to let go and dance and sing,
Sorrow is insulin to your diabetic kiss, missing you.


First published in The Seventh Quarry Swansea Poetry Magazine Issue 24

The forgiven one.

My restless soul seeks you out. Forces you to look at me.
I wish for peace, and love and so.
But can’t find rest, no matter what.

I long for unity and solitude.
I wish to see, and to be seen.
Your look haunts me,
And I want to be the invisible again.

Restlessness keeps me seeking.
My soul longs for unity, oneness and home.
Grace and awe keeps me going.
Hope and trust are my friends.

My anxiety vaporize throughout my prayers.
And love for life itself teaches me forgiveness once again.

I am the forgiven one. The one that has been loved. Still yet I’m nothing but me. That’s all I’ll ever be.

©HeidiMaria Steinback Sørensen