Garden of words (Tribute to the most precious raw material on the Earth)



Every morning I wake up

Happy and grateful

Awaiting a new journey

Across the Garden of words


Graham’s number of combinations

Colourful landscape of subtleties

Generous harvest of semantic flowers

Vade-mecum, I wish it would become


Every night I dream

Lonely but hopeful

Spinning away towards the unknown

In the carrousel called field of possibilities


I pick a sprig of acacia, magnificat in secula

Then two of iris, pretium temporis

Then a blade of geranium, ex nihilo summum

Et caetera… Verbatim of my thinkings


I never grow weary of racing

Even if, perhaps, I never left the start


Seeking for my love


The one whom might sublimate my bunch

In his vase called heart

Cubic root of love

You are the flame that may dissolve my heart of ice
Thrown are, already, the dice
My feelings for you are surrounded by the ramparts of desire
Conscripted, perhaps, inside the ivory tower

You are the diamond that may let the drawbridge down to set me free
As deep down, I’ve always believed in us, you and me
My Lord, you aim your arrow and help me overcome the sorrow
Together, stronger

Let’s run away by the pathway for an infinity-edge day
Let’s ignite a rooted velleity
Let’s revive extinct hopes for a greater destiny

Together, forever…