Ms “You”

I miss you yet I don’t even know your name.
We’ve been together for a lifetime but still,
I cannot recall a single one of your words.
You live through me, while I fail to even make out a clear image
Of your face.
There are times I see traces of you
When I gaze aimless through the day.
Sand slips through my hands,
And I’m sure they’d diagnose psychosis.
But my gnosis diagram boasts “love hath no hell like the hopeless”.
I’ll swear up and down it was your voice I heard all along.

Know most though,
That your name is not needed,
When I have your life force here in my heart.
Your picture, held by a blind man, madly in love.
I see no need to see you when I can feel you just the same.
I’ll laugh to the grave, parked in a loony world.
Render me bonkers,
I’ve lost my socks.
Yet once I rid my flesh,
I have a feeling
I’ll be seeing you again,
My love.

Toss and turn.

Sutra embalmed.
Hard story of star form.
We held fireflies,
And created wild fire in our dire hearts.
Still I stay calm.
You gave me an oasis after witnessing my sand paces.
Then, we danced in a desert storm.

Dreamscape, draped in paint,
I swear to recreate our song.