Like countless pebbles on a shore

I carry shadows of a lore

Of worse and praise of mocking sight

And spirits haunting through the night

But now awakend I behold

I’m shaking off the winter cold

Love for content of words I strive

That’s an artificers food of life

A feast of rotten mind decay

The worm renews from day to day

While TV shows and press release

Keep souls of mass sleeping at ease

Art thou real art or ignorance

Which in small portions to dispense

Real Muse alone will cease the day

In gracious style and find a way

The worlds a poet does invent

Kills the polemic argument.


Written by: Anja Jaenicke,Jaenicke, Nov. 16. 2016


Copper vessels cups of tin

Droplets of rain on my  skin

Thought forms and many worlds arrive

This is Bragi *woman’s life

Giants exchange speech so dreary

In Freya’s lap I sleep so weary

Oh rose under this tree I grew

Suckling on the morning dew

When Munin’s feather gently strikes

Guarded by the northern pikes

And Hugin whispers in my ear

I do not fickle do not fear

A kinship of love and spells so old

Hold me and protect me bold

I close my eyes and in my dreams

Things happen faster than it seems

Norse warriors from nowhere

And warrior maidens with a spear

Travel like a mysterious fleet

From my head to my bare feet

And every word and every thought

That Bragi woman ever thought

Yfir eda gjilla *child

Listen to the forrest wild

Pegja Pegja* do not speak

Raven’s word comes from his beak


Written by: Anja Jaenicke, Nov. 13.2016

*Norse Goddess of Goddess

*Above and below

*Silent, silent