The Perfect Taboo Woman

I saw her after 10 years,

My nervousness blew away,

She was still as beautiful as in my fears,

And I really did not know what to say,


She wore a dress that looked the prettiest,

Probably it was pretty because of her,

Her hair made waves despite being the straightest,

Perhaps they were excited to be part of her,


She hugged me lightly,

Her touch was a rhapsody of emotional torment,

I came forward and held her closely,

Not wanting to miss another moment,


The next two days were my happiest in a while,

We talked for two days straight,

I was happy to see her with a smile,

And it was better than my best date,


I realized I am hopelessly in love,

And it was a strange feeling,

I did not believe in such a romantic shove,

But it seemed my exterior was peeling,


The two days seemed short,

I had so much to tell her,

So much to listen to before we abort,

But time got over in a blur,


She is the taboo woman for me,

But she is exactly what I want in my fort,

She should be my bride to be,

But alas blood plays spoil sport,


I am not sure I will love someone this much,

That is what scares me,

Don’t want my affection in a hutch,

But this love is what set me free.

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