The Phoenix

Animal of Mystery

Powerful, disruptive

Timeless creature

Fragile and delicate however



In a show of flames

You disappeared

Shadows and dust


In legends, we didn’t believe

But you rose from the ashes

Stronger than ever

Whole, forever


Flapping your majestic wings

You flew at the speed of light over our indolent souls

Feathers of passion gathered again

And you took off to the most magnificient sky


Yes, this is your story firebird

No, you’ll never die…


(photo credit : « Faisan doré » by Christian Chartier)

Spleen passionnel en sonnet (English version)

Drifting over a moiré ocean with no end
I mused, filling up my soul with nothingness
Illusive elution I fell down, seasickness
My raw heart thus felt your slippery hand

Tired you were of being fixed to my screen
Drizzle extinguished our fiery flames, dying
Eluding conflicts beneath the pontoon’s awning
Whereas once, you loved me through thick and thin

Emphatic, I embraced you, forgetting reason
Rose suddenly unutterable sensations
Velleity, a whole feeling of abandon

While I touched your lips with strong and true passion
Your shadow ran away with no more emotions
Vale of tears, I bowed down before dark horizon