Garden of words (Tribute to the most precious raw material on the Earth)



Every morning I wake up

Happy and grateful

Awaiting a new journey

Across the Garden of words


Graham’s number of combinations

Colourful landscape of subtleties

Generous harvest of semantic flowers

Vade-mecum, I wish it would become


Every night I dream

Lonely but hopeful

Spinning away towards the unknown

In the carrousel called field of possibilities


I pick a sprig of acacia, magnificat in secula

Then two of iris, pretium temporis

Then a blade of geranium, ex nihilo summum

Et caetera… Verbatim of my thinkings


I never grow weary of racing

Even if, perhaps, I never left the start


Seeking for my love


The one whom might sublimate my bunch

In his vase called heart

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